Vexata delivers twice the performance and scale at half the cost of competing solutions


Comprehensive software architecture utilizes NVMe media to deliver the lowest latency and highest throughput available on the market


Advanced data management and analytics deliver detailed visibility and proactive application level performance monitoring


Cognitive/AI applications operate across large data sets to detect, learn, decide and respond autonomously. Advances in CPU, GPU and FPGA co-processors are dramatically increasing performance while reducing the cost of Cognitive/AI computing. Unfortunately, data performance at scale has not kept pace with these compute advances and is fundamentally limiting application performance.

Hot Tier Data Performance at Cloud Scale and Economics

What’s required is a shared data platform that delivers hot tier performance at Cloud scale and economics. Vexata’s Accelerated Data Architecture achieves unparalleled throughput at ultra-low latency for the highly parallel, random, mixed read/write data patterns that characterize Cognitive/AI applications. This 3-stage software architecture delivers unmatched performance and efficiency across massive data sets without relying on caching or tiering.

VX-OS, at the core of Vexata’s Accelerated Data Architecture consists of 3 primary architectural elements:

1) Acceleration – Advanced co-processing engine for ultra-low latency at scale
2) Distribution – Non-blocking I/O scheduling and access across petabytes of capacity
3) Aggregation – Scale-out, fully distributed, RAID protected NVMe and SCM media.

The Vexata Accelerated Data Architecture is shipping today as the VX-100F Scalable NVMe Flash array and coming soon in software-only configuration via the VX-Cloud Accelerated Data Platform reference configurations

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At Pacific Disaster Center, we are very pleased with the Vexata product and customer service and we look forward to a long relationship ahead.

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VX-OS runs as a distributed software architecture within the VX-100 and VX-Cloud hardware subsystems to deliver unmatched performance with ultra-low latency. Together, this powerful, efficient system supports highly parallel, random, mixed R/W data patterns that characterize Cognitive/AI applications. Vexata achieves this transformative performance across large data sets without relying on caching or tiering.

Vexata’s patented VX-OS architecture is delivered natively in two fault-tolerant, high performance form factors:

1) VX-Cloud Data Acceleration Platform - Software-only Vexata solution that is deployed into Cloud datacenter environments via reference configurations in partnership with leading server subsystems for hyper-scale storage aggregation and co-processors for low-latency data acceleration.
2) VX-100 Scalable NVMe Flash Array - 6U chassis based, fault tolerant architecture built from industry-standard hardware subsystems targeting enterprise database, analytics and machine learning use cases.

Real-World Enterprise Use Cases

use cases
Financial Trading Systems
Speed, security and scale are the key to algorithmic trading systems, time series databases and back testing platforms. Optimized to maximize results, Vexata has proven financial trading system expertise.
Machine Learning/AI
Transforming artificial intelligence and advanced analytics from predictive to cognitive requires immediately processing mass volumes of data. Vexata delivers the performance to reduce ML training cycles.
Risk and Fraud Detection
In order to reduce risk and fraud, many businesses use deep analytics and AI to interpret data patterns and structures to minimize financial loss and prevent unauthorized access. With the Power of NVMe, Vexata can accelerate any fraud detection program to unmatched levels.
High Performance Analytics
Businesses seeking competitive advantage know how to extract value from data in real-time, but existing infrastructure solutions create bottlenecks that stifle productivity. Vexata has purpose built it's data platform to deliver the throughput needed for massive ingest and the I/O processing performance needed to deliver these business outcomes.
Accelerating the Cognitive Era

Accelerating the Cognitive Era

Scaling oracle: lessons learned

Vexata Announces VX-Cloud Data Acceleration Platform”

Analyst Report: Performance  Benchmarks – Reading Between the Lines

Analyst Report: Performance Benchmarks – Reading Between the Lines

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